Grade 10 – 12

Through the sections in this side of the website, find resources, videos, activities and much more to learn about the brain. We will add more resources every week! If you and an adult you know have a suggestion for our section, tell us at the Contact Us page.

THE NEURON – watch this explanation on how neurons function in our brain.

HOW NEURONS COMMUNICATE – learning about communication between neurons through this video presentation. 

WHAT HAPPENS TO YOUR BRAIN DURING A MIGRAINE? Watch this Ted Talk Animation to help you understand the complexity of migraines. People who suffer from epilepsy often also suffer from migraines. 

THE LEFT BRAIN VS RIGHT BRAIN MYTH – TED TALK check out this busted myth! It is important to know which side of the brain is impacted by a seizure, for symptom and for seizure management. 

HOW FAST IS THE SPEED OF THOUGHT? – Discover how fast your thoughts travel from the brain to any part of your body. Explore and understand how NEURONS play a significant role, along with electric signals.

THE SURPRISING LINK BETWEEN STRESS AND MEMORY – Memory can be a challenge for people living with epilepsy.  Watch this animation explaining how stress can impact memory in everyone and reflect on how this could be an even stronger factor in people with epilepsy.

HOW SUGAR AFFECTS YOUR BRAIN – learning what sugar does to our brain can be the starting of a better understanding of why the KETOGENIC DIET it is sometimes helpful in seizure management.  Download the PDF answer questions about the video and then research about the Ketogenic Diet and how, its reduced sugar consumption helps people manage seizures.