Grade 4 – 6

Through the sections in this side of the website, find resources, videos, activities and much more to learn about what you can do to help someone who has a seizure, and how you can help spread the word about epilepsy! We will add more resources every week! If you and an adult you know have a suggestion for our section, tell us at the Contact Us page.

Click here to to watch a Seizure First Aid Animation – a video animation about different types of seizure first aid, from the Epilepsy TV in Australia. Use he resources on the page to reflect on what you can do to help is someone you know has a seizure.

MARCH 26 PURPLE DAY – Purple Day is the International Day for Epilepsy! Visit this link and learn more.  Learn how you can help spread awareness and education about epilepsy!

Watch this short presentation about simple steps you can take to help someone who is having a seizures. The short animation provides basic information about epilepsy. You can share this video with your classmates and discuss about it.

HOW TO HELP – read this online book on what to do if someone has a seizure. 

OSCAR AND OLIVER: EPILEPSY SERVICE DOGS – Watch this video and learn about these service dogs who can help people living with epilepsy.