About Us


The Epilepsy Web 4 Kids website is a project of the Edmonton Epilepsy Association, EEA, which is a registered charity dedicated to Empowering People Who Live with Epilepsy, located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and in operations since 1960. The project aligns with the EEA’s Strategic Plan and is meant to become the one stop for all things epilepsy in the language of kids, from Kindergarten to Grade 12!


Offer a safe, reliable and up-to-date online space for kids and youth, ages 5 through 17 (K-12 grades) to learn about epilepsy, share questions and interact with each other, celebrating life achievements, sharing challenges and successes, while living with epilepsy.

This website contains:

  • Reviewed, reliable and accurate resources and information about epilepsy, the EEA working team has searched and validated, from websites all over the world. 
  • Original content, created by our Kids Website Club (you can join us at any time! Check the Contact Us page for more information on how to join this club!)
  • By the Summer of 2023, it will also include an interactive section, where kids can come, join, ask questions, attend live sessions and participate actively through the website.
Click on the image on the right to get a sense of our project’s outcomes and a bit more about the EEA.