Grade K – 3

Through the sections in this side of the website, find resources, videos, colouring pages, activities and much more to learn about seizures and epilepsy. We will add more resources every week! If you and an adult you know have a suggestion for our section, tell us at the Contact Us page.

WHAT IS A SEIZURE? – Find out more at this link and complete the follow up activities.

Let’s Learn About Epilepsy download this special activity book filled with activities, by the Edmonton Epilepsy Association. With the help of an adult you can get your own printed copy for free. Click here for more information.

Zeeba and the Seizure by Michaela Barnes / Children’s Story Time Read Aloud – Click on this page, read along with the book online and practice with some activities.

EPILEPSY ACTION PAGE OF RESOURCES! Click here and explore an online story to better understand epilepsy. Follow up on the activities we created to help you learn about this brain disorder.

Children and young People Page – Access to books and audio books for kids, from Epilepsy Scotland.