News & Events

This website officially launched on March 26, 2022! We are very new at this project, and we have many hours of volunteers contributions, skilled website designers, specialists and support from all over Canada. Keep checking in with our News and Events Pages, as we will start posting special events for kids and youth to actively contribute to our site.


If you are a member of the EEA (and everyone can become a member by clicking on this link), and you are between the ages of 5 and 17, whether you live with epilepsy, have a friend of a family member who has epilepsy or simply want to learn more by contributing to this site, join us through our contact page.  We are starting an “EPILEPSY WEB 4 KIDS CLUB” and would love your presence! You will receive special club treats and information, join our meetings, online and in-person, get to create resources together and help us spread the word about epilepsy.