Grade 4 – 6


2023 Stigma Maze!

Beat the Myths About Epilepsy!

Welcome to the 2023 Halloween Awareness Campaign for Epilepsy, by the Edmonton Epilepsy Association, EEA.  Explore with us the myths about epilepsy and seizures, and walk with us, through a spooky maze of false facts, wrongly held beliefs about seizures and epilepsy.

Let our friendly neurons walk with you, each day, to discover truthful facts about epilepsy and seizures, the brain and life with a seizure disorder. Each day we will add a new truths to bust a myth that stigmatizes people impacted by epilepsy. Play the daily games and challenges with us and send us your entries. We will draw a lucky name at the end of October, for a special prize. 

Each day click on the new piece of the maze below, learn a myth about epilepsy and the truth to bust it! 

Email us at and share what you have learned.

We will enter your name for a final draw.