Grade 10 – 12

Through the sections in this side of the website, find resources, videos, activities and much more to learn about what it feels like to have epilepsy and leave with seizures. We will add more resources every week! If you and an adult you know have a suggestion for our section, tell us at the Contact Us page.

YOUNG PEOPLE AND EPILEPSY – watch this video where young people explain, in their words, what it feels like to have epilepsy. 


Visit our page for an Awareness Campaign from October 2022. We placed the page in the Grades 4-6 section, but kids of all ages can participate and learn about these amazing people with epilepsy. 


EPILEPSY AN OVERVIEW – access this book resource, and download your own copy for free. You can also order copies for your school for free, if you live in Canada.  This resources is from the Edmonton Epilepsy Association.

A CULTURE OF BREAKTHROUGHS – Watch this fascinating video about experience of younger children, their parents and adults, living with epilepsy and some of the successes they encountered to manage their seizures. 

YOU, EPILEPSY AND DRIVING – if you are finishing high school and live with epilepsy, you want to check out the resources and information about driving. You may need to wait to get your learner’s and think of other ways of getting around, in Alberta, if you have had a seizure in the last six months.  These are resources by the Alberta Epilepsy Education Webinars website.

HOW DO SEIZURES AFFECT YOU? – as you watch this short video, listen to the first person account of a mother who lives with tonic clonic seizures. Reflect on the experience she shares in her own words. 

Managing Epilepsy Seizures – Infographic.A really useful page with basic information about seizures and what to do to manage them in any environment. 

WHAT IS DEPRESSION? – While epilepsy is NOT mental illness, but a physical illness of the brain, it often comes along, in a person, with a diagnosis of DEPRESSION. And depression is a mental illness. It is important to know a bit about depression, as many living with epilepsy will also develop this condition in their lifetime.