Grade 7 – 9

Through the sections in this side of the website, find resources, videos, activities and much more to learn about the brain. We will add more resources every week! If you and an adult you know have a suggestion for our section, tell us at the Contact Us page.

 WHAT IS A NEURON? – Learn the basics of what a neuron is and how it works. 

HOW STRESS AFFECTS YOUR BRAIN – it is important to understand stress and the interaction with the brain. Often stress is a common seizure trigger. Watch this TED talk animation to learn a bit more about this interaction.

The Scale of the Brain in 90 Seconds! A fascinating journey into the sizes of parts of our brain! 

What happens when you remove the hippocampus? – Sam Kean – In this 5-minute animation you will watch and learn about a specific part of the brain, called the Hippocampus, and its importance for memory. Memory is often a challenge for people living with epilepsy, as seizures as well as seizure medication can often impact memory.